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Culture and Mass Media

Head of the department of ideology, culture and youth affairs Alexander Tronkin

Phone: +375 2152 42291

Miory District operates 60 cultural institutions, including 24 clubs, 30 libraries, the Miory children school of arts, the Disna children musical school, the Miory Regional History and Ethnography Museum, the regional methodological center.

There is autoclub for the residents of remote regions. The cinema and video center opened in 2008. In 2010 the Culture Department of the Miory District Executive Committee opened the Svyatlitsa shop.

The local newspaper "Mierskya Naviny" (Miory News) has been issued since May 1941

Editor-in-Chief – Natalia Stankevich
Phone: +375 -2152 -4 13 39)

Local radio station goes on air three times a week
Phone: +375 2152 490 84

To learn more about the newspaper and to listen to the local radio station, please visit www.mijory.by.