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Mezentsev: Potential synergy helps Russia, Belarus address priority issues


The resources and potential of the Belarus-Russia Union State make it possible to solve the most urgent and complex tasks in the interests of both national economies and joint projects and programs of the two countries, State Secretary of the Belarus-Russia Union State Dmitry Mezentsev said as he commented to TASS on the 60th session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Belarus-Russia Union State held on 16 June, BelTA has learned.

“The resources and potential of the Union State Treaty, the possibility to support joint work through the Union State budget are powerful factors for solving a number of substantive issues of the national level and joint projects that can work for the economy of the two brotherly states,” he said.

According to Dmitry Mezentsev, the parties are mulling over draft concepts for 10 new Union State programs. He emphasized the relevance of the proposals, which have already been prepared. “The projects are related to new biomedical cellular products and technologies, development of the technology for detection and resistance of microorganisms to drugs, a project to develop innovative technologies for genetic identification,” Dmitry Mezentsev named some the promising areas of joint cooperation.

According to the state secretary, the work on solving problems in high-tech areas continues bringing positive results. Thus, the development of technological processes for obtaining materials and components for high-performance photonics products, the development of basic elements of orbital and ground facilities in the interests of creating satellite constellations of small-size spacecrafts and many other joint projects are nearing completion.

Dmitry Mezentsev emphasized the agreements of President of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Vladimir Gusakov and President of the Russian Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk on the prospects of joint work in a wide range of fundamental and applied scientific research areas. He highly appreciated the proposal of the head of the Kurchatov Institute, which has already been supported by the Belarusian side, to develop a macro program on the development of an infrastructure of fundamental and applied research under the auspices of the Union State.

“I believe that the potential of scientific institutions of the two countries makes it possible today to develop such a macro program, which could work for a number of years, so that the synergy of scientific research, experience of scientists, unification of scientific potentials, including the capabilities of research infrastructure, would only make Belarus and Russia stronger and more competitive,” said Dmitry Mezentsev.

The state secretary of the Union State stressed that the current situation, with sanctions and political pressure of the West on Minsk and Moscow increasing, has once again confirmed and emphasized the importance of solidarity of the two brotherly nations. “It is joint production programs, the development of joint production chains, avoiding unreasonable competition in the production of a number of nomenclature positions, and understanding the validity of joining efforts in real production have become even more in demand today,” he said.

Dmitry Mezentsev pointed out that it is not Western pressure that leads Russia and Belarus to more interaction and joint work, but a profound understanding of the significance of steps on the economic integration agenda, the requirements of the time for the digitalization of national economies and understanding that it is important to seek new points of application in foreign markets even in the current external environment.

Written by: belta.by