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The steel industry is evolving in Miory District. The investment project to build a metal-rolling plant is one of the largest ever in Vitebsk Oblast. The new metal-rolling plant will produce tinplate sheets that are widely used in many industries: manufacture of packaging for the canning industry, aerosols, paint products, etc. For the time being Belarus purchases this raw material abroad. In accordance with Belarus President's Decree No.271 of 9 June 2014 "On the implementation of the investment project", this innovative project will create a possibility for Belarus to stop importing tinned iron and start exporting it to other markets (the country's annual demand for metal products is 30,000 tonnes while the designed capacity of the new plant is 150,000 tonnes, which will be furthered increased to 240,000 tonnes one year after the plant is launched). The quality of the products will meet the European standards. The construction is slated for completion in 2019. The plant will go through adjusting and startup procedures to reach its designed capacity within the next two years. The plant will create 466 jobs. The total cost of the investment project exceeds €200 million.

Free Economic Zone «Vitebsk»